10 Best places to visit in Dubai

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April 23, 2020
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1. Gold Souq

“All that glitters is not gold”. If you have heard and agree with this phrase get ready to change your mind. Gold Souq is one of the 10 best places to visit in Dubai. A place you should never miss if you get opportunity to land in Dubai. It is a ‘Y’ shaped gold market in ‘Deira’.

10 best places to visit in Dubai

Gold Souq is full of jewelry shops and workshops where you can buy a vast range of gold, diamond and silver jewelry. If you enter in Gold Souq from Murshid Bazar side you will start your tour with eye catching worlds’ biggest gold ring at Kanz gold shop. You will find multinational designs of jewelry starting from Arabic to Asian to Italian classics.

Manthura style is lovely while for Italian designs you will ask twice, if it is real gold? This place has strong surveillance through cctv cameras and with and without uniform policemen but normally you do not feel “being watched”, that’s the UAE’s style of security. 

10 best places to visit in Dubai

Gold Souq is one of the oldest places in Dubai. Floor is made up of red colored tough tiles while wood and iron structure shades whole bazar. Fans are installed on the poles to help in summer heat. Wooden benches run along the way. Sitting on one of these benches for fifteen minutes will show you people from around the world and you will feel that you are in a different paradigm.

Feel free to shop here because price and quality of gold are extremely controlled. For further details: https://www.dubai-online.com/malls/gold-souk/

2. Spice Souq

This place runs along the corniche with Baniyas road. You will get very traditional feel in products and architecture of these shops. This market is as old as Dubai is. Most of the shops here are filled with Iranian herbs, spices and clay pots etc.

Saffron is most valuable and attractive product sold here. There are shops where you can buy Turkish or even Asian spices and products.

It is a good place for you if you are interested in seeing local heritage and traditional ways of living. Walking through this market will take you half a century back in history. Old wooden structures, stone pots, mystic smell of spices, traditional dresses and hundreds or even thousands of years old languages like Arabic or Persian speaking shopkeepers.

This makes Dubai land of old merchants. For further details: https://www.visitdubai.com/en/pois/the-spice-souk

3. Jumeirah Beach

Velvet sand, bright sun, tanned bodies, green water and gust of fresh air. When sand meets sea.

Jumeirah beach is number 3 in our list of 10 best places to visit in Dubai. A lovely modern and cozy infrastructure incites you to undress and let your skin feel the rain of fresh sunshine. You can enjoy weightlessness when soft sand melts under your feet, when sea pulls sand carpet naughtily from under your feet.

Only a few kilometers drive on Jumeirah road will take you to Jumeirah beach. One of Dubai’s Sheikh’s favorite places.

You can enjoy jogging, cycling or roller-skating on professional rubber track or can play badminton on soft sand under the palm tree shade.

At night, beach becomes a romantic place under the soft rays of moon when wind blows slowly and you hear rhythmic sound of guitar or see Arabic youngsters playing “Tabla”.  

For further details: https://www.jumeirah.com/en/stay/dubai/jumeirah-beach-hotel

4. Ibn-e-Battuta

Royal construction concepts blended with modern amenities, a place where standing under a dome you can think yourself a king in a fairytale. A lot of shopping, window shopping, entertainment and variety of food with a touch of history of Islamic scientists.

Ibn Battuta mall is named with the name of famous Muslim traveler. In this mall you will find a good number of famous multinational brands, very vast food court, a number of decent cinemas and in the corridors; kiosks elegantly displaying achievements of Muslim scientist in the history of mankind. Spending a few minutes reading these historic galleries could be eye opener for you.

You must know where have you parked your car because there are cases when people spent a few DAYS in search of their vehicles and paid rent (cars were taken on rent) without even using those.

Normally, malls are prime sites of entertainment in Dubai and are rightly considered as a bundle for activities because of ample availability of grocery shopping facilities, food courts, cinemas and others branded shops but walking around in this mall most of the time you will feel like in a palace of Dubai’s King.null

For further details: https://www.ibnbattutamall.com/en

5. Babul Shams Resort

In the heart of the desert where sand meets sky, away from busy life of Dubai there is a place to give you a true feel of an explorer.

Babul Shams hotel is worth watching. When you reach there after travelling on lonely roads just look around the place and feel where you are, like on an isolated island or in 1950’s, or just sense how stormy desert can carpet this entire place like a Hollywood movie. To better enjoy the world class services, you should reach there in the evening.

As the sun dies this place turns into a golden oasis. Food stalls, ancient structures, live music and much more.

Night in this place is full of charm with live music, stage plays, belly dances and off course very tasty local and continental foods.

For further details: https://babalshams.com/

6. Global Village

You would have heard this phrase that world is a global village now, you will see its practical version in Dubai Global village.

It covers a big area on southern side of Dubai, calm from outside but very happening from inside. Its timing is from 4pm to midnight from November to March normally. This place gives you flavor of cultures, foods, dresses, life styles, specialties, music and art of many countries worldwide but specially of African and Asian continents.

It is full of concerts, events, stage shows, cafes, food trolleys, kiosks, restaurants, pavilions, retail shops and family and thrill rides and last but not least is fireworks. Interestingly all above attractions come with a dash of local cultures of more than a dozen countries.

You will need more than one visits if you want to see every alley of global village. High number of attractions make it impossible to enjoy all in one go. This kind of places make Dubai an exclusive shopping destination.

You better take a note of your parking place if you do not want to wander at midnight. It is crown of our list of 10 best places to visit in Dubai.

For further details: https://www.globalvillage.ae/en/

7. Miracle Garden

If word Dubai brings in your mind desert, sand and only palm trees then you will be surprised to know that world’s biggest flower garden is in Dubai.

Glowing sun, sweet smell of millions of flowers and amazing structures carpeted with petals will welcome you in Miracle Garden Dubai. This place makes your honeymoon tour worthwhile and is equally good for older couples to re-ignite love. There are decent number of jaw-dropping sections for kids and adults.

Butterfly garden is one the most interesting places to see in Miracle garden. Butterfly garden is the only place on earth where you can see c15k butterflies of 26 different species.

Emirates A380 body structure made up of flowers, Disney avenue, gazebos and lost paradise are the places you can never forget in your life.

For further details: https://www.dubaimiraclegarden.com/

8. Bur Dubai Corniche

One of the most beautiful places in Dubai is Bur Dubai Corniche. It is in very heart of Dubai where corniche and blue water tides give it a typical romantic touch.

If you travel from Deira through small boat it takes only a few minutes to reach Bur Dubai. On th way white sea birds may follow your boat.

There are a number of restaurants where you can sit and enjoy amazing scenery, can smoke cultural hookah, feel sea wind, enjoy blue waves, see small ships full of luggage, cultural foods and local music. Traditional look of corniche area made it a must for our list of 10 best places to visit in Dubai.

While roaming around these streets you will find Dubai Museum full of local historical armaments. A number of three star and five-star hotels are also there which offer all worldly amenities. So many shops full of local dresses, lamps, jewelry and many other items invite shoppers. Mix of foods, shopping, corniche and five-star facilities make Bur Dubai a must item for bucket list.

9. Meena Bazar

Best destination to see Asian culture and for a lot of shopping especially if you are interested in big brands like Gucci, Prada, Armani, Rado, Rolex and many more at very cheap prices like Rolex watch or Gucci bag for around $70 only.

You guessed right, all copy items are available here and you will see so many “rich” people buying big brands. So, now you know that your class mate who impressed you with wearing big brands’ belts, watches, sunglasses etc. was how much wealthy.

Meena Bazar is a hotspot for residents of Dubai for routine shopping, specially it will be full of shoppers if there is any Muslim or Hindu cultural or religious event.

Other than fake items original gold and diamond jewelry, cloth, artificial jewelry, tailoring shops and boutiques are in frequent number in Meena bazar. Getting parking place or even driving in this area is challenging, to better if you go there by taxi or by metro (Fahaidi Station). For further details: https://www.meenabazaar.com/

10. DIFC

When you get down from Dubai Metro at world trade center station, a journey of most elite and contemporary Dubai starts.

DIFC is a free zone business area and is home of very cozy hotels, restaurants, hotel and residential apartments, office and residential buildings, a few tailoring and grocery shops and around circa 1000 multinational banks, insurance, investment and other financial companies.

This place has Dubai stock exchange in “The Gate” building surrounded by fountains, waterfalls and grassy lawns. An icon which decorates our list of 10 best places to visit in Dubai.

You will find hustle and bustle like on Fenchurch street London here. People with very professional looks in black suits and very formal dresses walking around with cups of coffee. I promise you will fall in love with this place.

Presence of several art galleries filled with very artistic master pieces, paintings, metal arts, thread arts and even on walking areas beautiful displays will make you wonder. For further details: https://www.difc.ae/

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