Things to do in Europe

10 best places to visit in europe
10 best places to visit in Europe
April 16, 2020
10 Best Places To Visit In Russia
10 Places To Visit In Russia
April 23, 2020

Best Things to do in Europe

Time to check off the list of best things to do in Europe and some places that you must visit before you die.

A night dip in Stockholm’s inner city is one of the 50 must according to travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler. Best restorer after a hard night on the town.

Sweden has had to contribute three things to do.

In addition to the nude bath, which is number four on the Europe list, is the Öresund Bridge, an experience not to be missed.

Foreign tourists, especially from the United States, marvel at the view as well as being able to travel painlessly between two countries within 30 minutes – without showing a passport. “Here you get to see the best of Scandinavian life,” writes CNT.

Canal tour in Amsterdam at the top in best things to do in Europe

Number one on the list is a canal tour in Amsterdam. Not just for the cozy factor of riding a tourist boat around town, but because the houses are so close to the quay that you look straight into the Dutch folk’s home.

Also, don’t miss shopping at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the bargain’s paradise.

Or why not an evening of sensual flamenco dance in Seville, a visit to the opera in Vienna with the music of the masters or enjoy Rome’s ice cream parlors, in the most beautiful ice cream environment.

For the selfie crowd, we can recommend having a cocktail in front of the Eiffel Tower and exploring the Peace Wall in Belfast.

Here is the list of all must in Europe:

1. Canal tour in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam you must not miss buying fish herring in bread, a cold Heinken can and then jump on the first best canal trip. Exciting journey given that the old houses are so close to the canal and the residents rarely pull for their curtains. You see life in Dutch homes on the first parquet.

Things to do in Europe

2. Shop at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Even if you happen to possess expert knowledge of antiques, most people will be surprised by the huge range, from shoplifting to really fine furnishings, kitchen gadgets and clothing in one of the world’s largest and oldest markets. 5000 stands, or shops, in a building whose history dates back to the 15th century. But when it comes to learning the technology, avoid eye contact with the seller if you just want to check out and not shop.

Things to do in Europe

3. Check out Trinity College in Dublin

Like getting straight into a Disney movie, but now it’s reality. Trinity College is a fantastic building where you can look at the handwritten documents of the monks who lived in this lavish building in the 8th century. A visit to the library, Long Room, is a must.

Things to do in Europe

4. Nude bath in Stockholm

When the sun rises at three in the morning and the Swedes go home after a night on the town, a nude bath in the nearest, most protected cove, is a must, and the best recipe for any hangover writes Conde Nast Traveler. The favorite places, according to the travel magazine, are the small bays west of the Västerbron at Långholmen or from the boardwalk at Norr Mälarstrand. It is on the top of the list when you talk about best things to do in Europe.

Things to do in Europe

5. Walk through Kensington Gardens, London

After a nice picnic in Hyde Park, cove west to one of London’s most beautiful oases, Kensington Gardens, the place where Princess Diana lived in 1984 until her tragic death in 1997. Here are beautiful trees and some of London’s most famous monuments that pay homage to Queen Victoria, among others. and Prince Albert.

Things to do in Europe

6. Eat oysters in Croatia

Residents of Mali Ston Bay, between Peljesac and Croatia’s mainland, have been harvesting oysters since the Roman era. These oysters have a special, and very delicious taste, which is said to have remained unchanged (how to know it) for several centuries. Should be served, and rinsed, with a glass of the region’s local wine, posip.

Things to do in Europe

7. Sleep in a car in Stuttgart

And then, of course, we do not mean in your van or rental car. In the German car metropolis Stuttgart, which is also Mercedes-Benz’s hometown, you can sleep in a car that has been transformed into a bed. At least if you check-in at the V8 Hotel. Here you can sleep in a Mersa, a Volkswagen bubble, or even in a bright red Cadillac cab. Also, do not miss a visit to the nearby Mercedes factory, where you spray out 2,500 cars a day.

Things to do in Europe

8. Check out a flamenco show in Andalucia

This is a must for all Spain lovers: check out a flamenco show in any city in Andalucia, although the best tip is of course Seville. A bottle of rioja on the table as you sit down and enjoy the magical sensual dance.

Things to do in Europe

9. Open horse-drawn carriage through Krakow’s old town

Krakow is the picturesque, picturesque city filled with history and culture. A day in the old town of Krakow with the medieval royal castle Wawel is a must, especially if you choose to take an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage through the city’s old settlement. You can find the taxi in the square.

Things to do in Europe

10. Sail around Capri

Take a boat trip around the beautiful island of Capri off Naples on the Italian west coast and discover its breathtaking beauty. Then you also have the chance to see the Blue Cave up close, without having to crowd with other tourists. The cave is special because the sunlight shines into the cave through the seawater, which makes it shimmer in a blue light. During the Roman period, the cave was used for bathing but today it is only a tourist attraction.

Sail around Capri

11. See the world’s best art in Paris

If you are in Paris, you have to give in to the Louvre one day, otherwise you will miss the chance to see some of the world’s leading works of art, the most beautiful created by mankind. You don’t have to spend a whole day watching Mona Lisa (but make sure to get there early, it’s crowded around the little blackboard), here are thousands of other iconic works of art to watch during a day trip.

See the world's best art in Paris

12. Step down into Budapest’s thermal bath

One of the real pleasures during a visit to Budapest is the city’s spectacular thermal baths. These arctic tectonic masterpieces with mazes containing sauna, steamed rooms and naturally warm pools with mineral-rich water. The city is filled with various thermal spas, including world-famous, Kellert and the Turkish 16th-century bath Kiraly.

13. Enjoy the Northern Lights of Iceland

Northern lights can be viewed from a variety of places, but Iceland is number one. Winter is “prime time” for this experience, but the island’s changing weather means you risk seeing a sky full of rain and clouds. The light is most active between 23.00 and 02.00.

Northern Lights of Iceland

14. Afternoon tea at Claridge´s London

Afternoon tea is an institution in England and a must for every Swedish Anglophile visiting London. There is nothing more classic, English than eating afternoon tea in deciduous tea cups, eating scones, cucumber slices and sweet pastries. The tea at Claridge´s is hand-picked by tea expert Henrietta Lovell, different varieties from China, Sri Lanka, Africa, India and Europe. But book in time, 90 days before the visit you must place your booking!

15. Walk along the Berlin Wall

berlin wall

That’s it for the best things to do in the Europe before you die.

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